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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 5, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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do you think it has anything to do with what russ feingold said or done? >> no. >> why? nothing to do with that? >> that's right. >> nothing to do with that? >> i'm not -- you want to reduce everything to these simplistic information. >> that's a marriage. >> i think there are people in ris c wisconsin who hate the democratic party because they are not succeeding. >> right here. joe, did we learn anything today? >> we learned a lot. have a great week. this continued all weekend. now "the daily run down." this morning, twice what was expected. plus, likely house speaker-elect, john boehner says the administration is in denial about the midterms. meanwhile, the democrats get soot sliver of good news.
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washington said it, stays blue. even worst news for beleaguered haiti. tomas is another hurricane overnight. another blow more the nations still reeling from the outbreak, cholera outbreak. it's friday, november 5th, 2010. i'm chuck todd. issavannah is on the assignment with the president in asia. again that jobs report showed 151,000 new jobs. even as unemployment rate did remain stubbornly at .6%. we're expecting the president to address this morning's improving jobs numbers later this hour. we'll bring you those remarks live. but let's get to the rundown. we're going to start on capitol hill. back in power in washington, house republican leaders are starting to layout their game plan for the next two years. and it appears confrontation will tromp compromise. the president has invited the republican and democratic leadership teams to the white house after he returns to fr asia. is there any cumbayah or slurpee
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summit in the future? kelly o'donnell is with me now. kelly, what say you? >> well, when you look at what they're saying, it really gives you a sense of things. mitch mcconnell, the top republican in the senate said, he doesn't want the president to fail, he wants him to change. so that's the sort of tone. republicans feel like the american people were sending a message with their vote, that the policies of the democratic administration, both at the white house and here on the hill, those were not what the american people wanted. that's what they're taking away. so at least in this early going, there is certainly a sense of not wanting to seat any ground back. for john boehner you mentioned likely next speaker, he has sent a letter now to all of the newly elected members of congress and those who are already going to be coming back. member of the gop team asking for their vote. so don't expect him to seem too friendly until he actually secures those votes. we don't expect there will be any trouble with that. he is asking for the vote. he was also asked about his sense of how the white house is
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reacting to all of this. he did a television interview with abc news and was asked, does the president get it? >> there seems to be some denial on the part of the president and other democrat leaders, the message that was sent by the american people when you have the most historic election in over 60, 70 years, you would think that the other party would understand that the american people have clearly repudiated the policies that they put forward the last two years. >> most historic midterm election because most of the people who supported the president in 2008 was historic. they say if the president begins to in their view move toward where they believe the american people are they will be happy to agree. just to give you a sense of how infrequent these shorts of meetings with the republicans and the white house are, if they, of course, appear sometimes for what are photo-opes the president says that won't be what he expects
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when they meet at the white house in a couple of weeks. but mitch mcconnell, who i referred to earlier, has only met one-on-one with the president once since mr. obama took office. chuck? >> well, kelly o'donnell on capitol hill, i suspect quite a few more republicans going to get one-on-one lunch and breakfast invitations. >> don't you think? >> we shall see. it surprised me how few got them in the first two years of his presidency. thank you so much. the suspense is over in the white house senate race. nbc news is now declaring that democratic incumbent patty murray is the apparent winner with 51% of the vote. he's got about a $50,000 vote lead now. republican dino rossy conceded. murray's win means democrats will have a 53-seat of the 100 in the senate. a pretty decent size majority,
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believe it or not, if you look past the past 30 years. and now to alaska. the last remaining cliff-hanger senate race. it's going to be a republican held seat, we just don't know which republican. right now the republican nominee joe miller is trailing write-in candidates. the assumption is of course that lisa mur ckowski how the write- share op those votes. if he can get 13,000 votes maybe he has a chance. kristen walker caught up with joe milner alaska. he calls himself cautiously optimistic, telling nbc that he's absolutely not conceding anything. >> frankly, i think we're going to pull ahead, at least not ahead in the 13,000 votes but we're going to pull ahead where we are now when the absentee ballots with counted. the ultimate end of this race will not be decided for a couple of weeks. >> miller also told kristen that he has hired attorneys to make sure all the votes are counted.
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and to do battle against the high-powered ll team put together by senator murkowski. >> we are not terribly concerned but on the other hand it does reflect that her victory speech that she gave several days ago may actually be premature. if you actually assemble a team of that magnitude you're clearly concerned about the ultimate result. >> look, intend is going to be everything in these absent tree ballots. will lisa ms get counted? i looked at official write-ins, there is a lisa m with a different last name. will the miller folks be able to say that was their questionable intent? misspelling of murkowski, will those get counted? that's going to be interesting. and how many will get challenged? it could be like a scene from florida in 2000. cameras will be let in and hopefully bring the guy with the magnifying glass. president barack obama is honoring the time honored
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tradition of getting out of dodge of the election season. he leaves for asia this morning. as probably noticed he took my savannah with him. if you're searching for our daily run down run away, here's where you will find her. she just did a refueling stop in erm, any. first stop is in mumbai, india. the president remains in india for three days. stopping in the capital city of new delhi. next stop, jakarta after having to cancel two trip there's earlier this year. one for health care. the president then heads for seoul, south korea, for the g-20 economic summit. and finally, yokomama, japan. ten days, four country, five cities. mike is holding down the front for us at the white house. i stay here. the only good news about that trip is you do get that solid 20 hours of sleep between andrews air force base and mumbai.
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other than that, it's a tough one. >> yeah, with the aid of pharmaceutical wonders, i guess. >> the president going to be going to make a statement before his departure talking about the economy. 9.6% for the economy hadding jobs. the president is going to be emphasizing the positive. want to bet he says this is the tenth consecutive month the private industry has added jobs. the political urgency gone no with two years ago as well as three days behind us. for the 15 million people remain out of work, all eyes are going to be on the president, on washington, on the policymakers when they return to washington and, of course, yesterday the president announced you can have the whole gang, the congressional leadership here for the meeting and dinner at the rest den when they come back to reorganize. they start this trip in india. official state visit reciprocating what the president
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did last thanksgiving with the prime minister there. it's only been a year since the salahis walked into the white house and crashed our lives. when he goes to indonesia, you were right, this is a twice canceled trip. he's going to be visiting a mosque there. also going to be giving a speech to estimated 70 or 80,000 indonesians. it's all about jobs, says the president. he's going to be having u.s. companies there. they're going to be meetings on the side about trade, the president emphasizing yesterday the u.s. companies roll over saesz and their ability to create jobs and bring them back to the united states. that's the result they want to see out of this trip. that's the message they want people to take away, chuck. >> it's got to be an economic trip. that's for sure. thanks very much. >> okay. let's move on to hate by the tomas is now a hurricane bearing down on this vulnerable island of haiti these days where more than one million people still are living in rickety tent cities. they'll really have nowhere to go to take shelter. mark potter is live in port-au-prince, haiti, this
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morning. mark, do you have any better news for us today than you did yesterday? well, the conditions are probably not as bad here as they were thought to be yesterday. the winds are pretty calm here in port-au-prince, the capital, but the rain has been falling steadily since last night. the biggest problem is probably in the southwest area of haiti in the towns of jeremy and lacia, much closer to the hurricane and are likely facing much tougher conditions they were facing here. the big concern, however, around the country is this falling rain. and the concern for mudslides and flash floods. as you can see here, there is a very mountainous country and much of the hillside, many of the hillsides have been -- most of the hillsides, actually, have been deforested. nothing to stop it. it comes racing down these ravines. there's a big cut in that mountainside. the water, if it got heavy here could flow down there.
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there are houses down below. they could be in big danger during a massive flash flood. that's the situation here. and throughout the country. and again, you have all those people living in tents trying ride out this storm. potentially a precarious situation depending on what happens with that rain and more is coming. >> yeah, it's going to be the post-storm effects. mark potter in port-au-prince for us this morning. thanks. turning now to the markets where the dow sored on thursday. up almost 220 points hitting the highest level since before the collapse of lehman brothers in 2008. becky quick joins us with a quick look at where we stand less than 30 minutes before the bell. okay. last night the big cnbc nightly note said that the fed's actions were going to be the bigger driver than this jobs report. however, this jobs report seemed bigger than expected. >> i'm impressed that you read those nightly notes that we send out. >> i do. i keep up. i don't miss a patty e-mail. >> i was just talking to patty to confirm that it has been every day this week the markets
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traded higher. it's going to happen once again this morning when with get things kicked off right out of the gate because that jobs number was better than expected. up by 151,000 jobs. that was one of the twice what the street was expecting. that is a very good news that suggests that maybe the economy is starting to turn. now, we heard numbers within that when you looked at retail jobs, for example, they were up sharply, not just the holiday jobs. dan greenhouse points out these are permanent, longer term jobs. that's really good news. if you're looking for any concerns, you look at the unemployment rate. 9.6% is still where that stands. 150,000 jobs is what you need just to keep the unemployment rate from rising. that's the one cause for concern. if you take a look, though, at what we expect to hear from the president in just about ten minutes time he's going to start talking about what to hear from all of this. he'll talk about how we are seeing a bit of a resurgence. this is good news. this is positive news. chuck, the other thing is that
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has been all of this talk about the bush tack cuts. if they are extended, there have been hints coming from the white house all week long. >> they will be extended. >> if those are extended that's another huge things to push stocks higher. >> becky quick at cnbc headquarters. bunch of shoutouts to patty. she deserves it. coming up, the shift to the right and the state houses across the country. now republican gubernatorial gains could make president obama's path to re-election just a tad more difficult. unemployment figures released this morning show the largest gain in five months. we're waiting for live remarks from the president on this morning's number. he give l. give those remarks in a few minutes. here's the rest of the president's schedule today. after he gives those remarks, he heads to andrews and heads to mumbai. basically an all day/night travel schedule. you're watching "the daily run down."
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democrats have been waits for few late breaking surprises in their favor. pat quinn has narrowly held on to the governor's mansion, defeating bill brady by 20,000 votes. it looks like somewhat of a shellacking but with races in connecticut and minnesota still too close to call. republicans picked up 11 governorship governorships. they did redraw the map. he is here. i want to start with the midwest because, look, the coast held up for you. you held up in oregon. you held california. but the midwest was a disaster
9:18 am
zone for the democrats. hissel >> hardly a disaster zone. those are two races, the two most democratic states in the midwest these days. >> you can argue about that. very contested. the association spent million in illinois. spent another several million in minnesota. one other trend in this part of the country is that every state but i'll know rejected the party in power. what that tells me is that this part of the country is not only embracing the republican ideas. it's like the rest of the country is still anxious, frustrated with the pace of our recovery and taking it out on the party in charge. it continues to have an appetite for change but not embracing republican ideas. republicans ought not read too much into it. >> what is you're advice for david who i'm sure you've been on the phone with quite a bit
9:19 am
when he's watching the returns to show the midwest which was a power center for president obama. only but one he was able to carry. what would you tell him and say, look, this is what's going on in the midwest? >> two things. first, recognize that tuesday night was a whole lot better than could have been. ed a you said, the republicans expectations is that they picked up a whole lot more than they did. they ended up picking up fewer seats than the average would suggest. if you peel back the onion and look at races in which both committees targeted, they won more. the second thing i would suggest, this part of the country is still frustrated with the perception of wasteful spending. they have great ideas. they have great messages. we ought to communicate those a little bit better.
9:20 am
they need to seek counsel from the democratic governors. they have a far superior economic record to republicans. that's using the same metrics as conservatives use. >> let's go down to florida. you came up short. why? do you blame the environment. >> florida, yes, the environment. i wish rick scott the best, i do. you know, he's going to be the next -- >> you share the same barber. >> i do. i admire his hairstyle. great taste. look, i really think that alex sink is the better candidate. any other year he would have won. >> do you think he won the campaign and last the election? >> no question. we had the better candidate, better campaign. it was just a tough environment. i say that but still wishing rick scott the best. unfortunately, i want to bring you back. what's next for you? >> are you sticking snarnd.
9:21 am
>> i don't think. i don't think so. >> two cycles was enough. >> two cycles is enough. david daschle, congratulations. it could have been a must have worse night but the coast seemed to hold up for you. anyway, thank you. >> all right. take it easy. coming up, president obama off to asia for trade talks that he hopes will boost job creation here at home. we also expect to hear from the president just minutes from now live from the white house. stay with us for coverage right here on "the daily run down." [ male announcer ] for fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. which meant she continued to have the means to live on... even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned.
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9:25 am
any minute now we're going to hear from reaction from president obama. final columnist from "the washington post" and cnbc's steve lease man. it's all about the steves. steve, let me start with you. bigger numbers than expected. why? >> why? well, maybe things are finally beginning to heal a little bit. 151, if we can keep that up every month, would probably begin to bring down turn employment rate very slowly. for the last year, the economy has added a million private sector jobs in the last year and 800,000 total jobs which means government is shrinking. particularly local government, particularly local government outside of the schools. >> that's police, fire. >> sanitation, you know, city manager's office. that sort of thing. >> right. >> other good news here, temporary employment is -- continues to rise. that's usually the first one of
9:26 am
permanent employment going up. hours worked is going up. hourly wages is going up. so things are moving in the right direction slowly. >> steve liesman, what is taking that $2 trillion sitting on the sideline and saying, you know what, let's start investing it in job creation even more? >> february 26th. >> there you go. all right. february 26th, i love it. this is precise data. >> exactly. you know what they say in economic, chuck, is give them a date, give them a number but don't give them both. i think the story is that we're coming through this european panic we had in the spring. if you remember back to, say, march or february, everybody was marking up their numbers. since april, continuous series of marking down the outlook. i think we've gotten to that point. we hit another low in confidence and low in business confidence. i think very slowly as he suggested, we're coming back. what it takes getting going is a
9:27 am
psychological thing, chuck, where business confidence, one guy in an industry starts to invest and starts to make money off a investment. one way to think about this is when executives start to get rewarded to the stock market for hiring people, that's when we'll see hire and business spending. >> wow. interesting, steve, so he's saying that that's a compensation argument. are you on the same page where basically ceo rz gettis are get compensated the wrong way? >> one thing the fed the week announced they're going to buy a lot of bonds, a trillion dollars of bonds over the next year. the main effect of that opinion is that it's going to increase the price in stocks and bonds. that will -- as stock prices go up it just has a big psychological effect on chief executives. they begin to think, i'm successful again and i'm going to get a little frisky in my animal spirits.
9:28 am
i'm gamble. it's not just that they'll be rewarded for it. they will begin to feel confident again and perhaps falsely because this stuff is being generated in part because of the fed taking money. they will get credited for it and do stuff higher, i vest. that will be important. that's where the emp us the imp come. it cannot come from consumers. over burdened and underemployed. >> steve, go ahead. >> there is a question as to whether or not we have reached the point where consumers have kind of gotten their balance sheets in some shape of where they want it to be. and by that i mean the debt level ratios with r. down to levels that we saw, say, in 2003. there are some other indicators. for example, the savings rate has been stable at this 6%, 6 1/2% range. we get savings up to the level where consumers are sort of comfortable with the amount
9:29 am
they're putting away. remember, it was zero during the boon times. we've got it up to that level. steve is right, consumers can't do it alone but if we can get some stability in the sense of consumers as to their debt levels, we can power ahead with some consumption here. >> you know, steve, one thing that i've heard a few ceos say this will be another consumer driven recovery, it's just that it's consumers in brazil, india and china. just not consumers in the united states, with the president going to india, this is sort of this odd, what is the message? on one hand he wants to get there and get more exports into america into this new consumer economy in india and southeast asia. on the other hand, he doesn't want these companies moving too many more jobs over there. >> basically part of the same globalization process. we need to export more because,
9:30 am
frankly, we can't -- we need those other consumers to get our economy going, and so that's a good thing. the jobs are going to move over there in way. they'll do that. so if we can get the other part, the good part of globalization which is also to sell them stuff, we'll be much better off. hopefully our currency declines in value or is allowed to decline in value enough so that our stuff will be more competitive. then that's the second area that's going to fuel our recovery. business investment and exports. >> steve, we still have one big problem, though with the economy and that's house housing. is that the one place now the government -- if the government has done everything they can on the stimulus front, temporary jobs or the stimulus package, infrastructure, has the
9:31 am
government's focus god to be on figuring out the housing mess? >> that's part of it. there's not any good government solutions. to me, the best thing that could happen would be for the economy to grow on a sustainable basis outside of housing and for the government really to be able to withdraw from housing, chuck, so we can find the right kind of market base level for housing. the trouble is the government is keeping pressure on the wound because the patient has been so sick in so many other ways it can't heal on its own. it would be great for the government to withdraw from that area. i don't think it will. i do know that secretary -- treasury secretary tim geithner is supposed to come out with big housing white paper sometime around january. just a quick thing i want steve was saying on this trip to india. the administration's view of many economists is that the world is deeply out of balance. the u.s. cannot be the engine of
9:32 am
growth for this next sustained global growth. they're going to north korea and trying to pressure other countries to open up their borders. >> all right. well, we are on obama standard time, which means we've got time to go for a break. we will have more from steve and too steve in a minute. ls. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. no calorie sweetener granulated with fiber. sweet!
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we're awaiting remarks from the president. he'll be out here in a minute, we're told. i've got steve from "the washington post." quickly, steve, do the markets care what the president says about this jobs report or are they focused on the numbers? >> i think they're focused on the numbers and what the fed did earlier this week as steve said more bonds through the second quarter of 2011. they will roll back some things but i don't think at this point they believe that what washington does is going to be determinative of consumption and growth in this economy. >> steve, you've read some
9:36 am
statements from the speaker to be john boehner. hang on. hold your thought. here's the president. >> we are in the middle of a tough fight to got our economy growing faster, so that businesses across our country can open and expand, so that people can find good jobs and so that we can repair the terrible damage that was done by the worse recession in our lifetimes. today we sooreceived some encouraging news. based on today's jobs report we've now seen private sector job growth for ten straight months. that means that since january the private sector has added 1.1 million jobs. let me repeat, over the course of the last several months we've seen over a million jobs added to the american economy. in october, the private sector has added 159,000 jobs. and we learned that businesses added more than 100,000 jobs in
9:37 am
both august and september, as well. so we've now seen four months of private sector job growth above 100,000, which is the first time we've seen this kind of increase in over four years. now, that's not good enough. the unemployment rate is still unacceptably high and we've got a lot of work to do. this recession caused a great deal of hardship and put millions of people out of work. so in order to repair this damage, in order to create the jobs to meet the large need, we need to accelerate our economic growth to is a we are producing jobs at a faster pace. because the fact is, an encouraging jobs report doesn't make a difference if you're still one of the millions of people who are looking for work. and i won't be satisfied until everybody who is looking for a job can find one. so we've got to keep fighting for every job, for every new business, for every opportunity to get this economy moving.
9:38 am
and just as we passed a small business jobs bill based on ideas of both parties and the private sector, i am open to any idea, any proposal, any way we can get the economy growing faster so the people who need work can find it faster. this includes tax breaks for small businesses like deferring taxes on new equipment so they they've got an incentive to expand and hire as well as tax cuts to make it cheaper for entrepreneurs to start economying. th the this includes building new infrastructure, from high speed trains to high speed internet so the companies can run faster and smarter. creating incentives in growth sectors like the clean energy economy. certainly includes keeping tax rates low for middle class families and extending unemployment families who are hardest hit by the downturn while generating more demand in
9:39 am
the economy. it's also absolutely clear that one of the keys to creating jobs is to open markets to american goods made by american workers. our prosperity depends not just on consuming things but also on being the maker of things. in fact, for every $1 billion we increase in exports thousands of jobs are supposed forred here at home. that's why i've set of goal of doubling american exports over the next five years and that's why on the trip that i'm about to take i'm going to be talking about opening up additional markets in places like india, so that american businesses can sell more products abroad in order to create more jobs here at home. this is a reminder as well that the most important competition that we face will not be between democrats and republicans. it's the competition with countries around the world to lead the global economy. and our success or failure in
9:40 am
this race will depend on whether we can come together as a nation. our future depends on putting politics aside to solve problems, to worry about the next generation instead of the next election. we can't spend the next two years mired in gridlock. other countries, like china, aren't standing still, so we can't stand still either. we've got to move forward. i'm confident if we can do that, if we can work together, then this country will not only recover but it will prosper. and i'm looking very much forward to helping to pry some markets open and help american businesses and put some people back to work here at home during the course of this trip. >> all right. president obama reacting to the new monthly jobs numbers with also a little bit of political statement there at the end. something that he has been trying to focus on post-election which is this idea we can't have gridlock, we can't gr v. gridlock. let's focus on this.
9:41 am
what is it retis realistically government needs now? >> the most important thing is to show that it can be nimble and responsive to changing economic conditions and not, as the president says, be focused on the democratic/republican -- what does that mean? when you say nimble, give me an example. >> give you an example. we need to change the immigration laws so that highly skilled immigrants can be attracted to companies here that need them, high-tech community is dying for this. everyone agrees it's a good thing. but everyone wants to use it as a bargaining chip in some other -- >> other side of the argument. >> have we done anything about it? no. okay. everyone agrees that there was a part of the health law that was bad that had to do with everyone having to file forms. let's do it tomorrow. it's not that complicated. believe me. you could do it in a day.
9:42 am
do it in a day rather than using it as a bargaining chip. the republicans will say, we won't do that unless you change all the rest of our health care. okay. well, then we'll have a big fight about that and nothing will get done. for the business community and the economy the see government working in that way is the most important thing. extending the tax cuts for the middle class is important. you want to argue about the other thing? fine. but you could extend it for 95% people and get that done now and have another argument about something else later. that's is t. sort of thing that the public needs and the economy needs. >> steve, if he's listening, thank you very much. he does have his duties at cnbc when the president is talking economy. up next, what issues will democrats try to push through the lame-duck session? and coming up, this sunday on "meet the press" it is as good as it gets. david gregory has exclusive interviews with new jersey governor and rising star republican chris christie, plus
9:43 am
the man who may be the intellectual leader of the tea party movement, south carolina senator jim demint. that's this sunday on "meet the press." check the local listings and tivo it now. but first, the white house soup of the day, chicken noodle. always easy to please. interesting, it's a rare friday non-fish soup for those keeping track of the soups. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. ♪
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well, can president obama find common ground with republicans on the economy with today's jobs numbers emphasizing the need for more progress the president used the first cabinet meeting to urge the new house majority to avoid partisan politics. >> people are still catching their breath from the election, the dust is still settling, but the one thing i'm absolutely certain of is that the american people don't want us just
9:47 am
standing still. they don't want us engaged in gridlock. they want us to do the people's business, partly because they understand that the world is not standing still. >> reid wilson is editor and chief and carl has is the senior congressional correspondent for the "new york times." thank you both. carl, let me start with you. i would assume any president who now suddenly doesn't have his party in the majority always loves to say, we don't want any gridlock. that isn't what we want. that isn't what the american people want. was realistically, that's where we're headed. >> right. for the last couple of days since the election has indicated, it's going to be gridlock. republicans are feeling very empowered. mitch mcconnell yesterday saying that he wants repeated votes to repeal the health care bill. that doesn't sound like cooperation to me right now. >> i want to play a piece of sound from from speaker-to-be
9:48 am
boehner in his interview about those mitch mcconnell comments regarding 2012 as well. take a listen. >> that's senator mcconnell's statement and his opinion. i think the american people want us to focus on their message during the election, stop the spending. get rid of the uncertainty. let's get around to creating jobs again. >> seems like we're seeing a good cop, bad cop partnership developing between mitch mcconnell, who is in the minority and has to explain why all the stuff that gets passed in the house isn't going to get through the senate. >> john boehner has a stake in the outcomes and mitch mcconnell doesn't. he's got 47 votes in the senate that he can do a lot to stop things. he can't do a lot to advance his own agenda, unlike john boehner who is going to have the ability to bring these health care votes to the floor of the house. >> is this focus on health care, at what point do republicans say, you know what, look, this is not going to go anywhere, this is a divisive topic.
9:49 am
even in this election there was no clear mandate on health care. 47% supporting it. 48%. what point does the house or leadership say, you know what, we'll do what we have to do early and that's enough? >> the tea party though really wants to repeal health care. this is their new constituency. we reported a memo that the tea party is distributing saying, you know, that's the main thing you have to do. i think they keep pushing on it while they do other things. >> reid wilson, you have a column this morning, one of the fallouts is this continuation of the weakening of the actual major party structure. >> that's right. politics is becoming a lot more diffuse. it's no longer about way game thanks to the rise of the tea party candidates. a number of republican establishment choices in states like colorado, nevada, kentucky, and even delaware were kicked out in favor of these more con zef ti
9:50 am
-- conservative candidates. it took a lot of -- look, there were organizations like the american cross roads and cross roads gps that spent morme mone on this election than the committee did. party power is is diffuse ag way from washington now. >> speaking of party seeing tha country now. >> i want to go to your neck of the woods on congress. nancy pelosi is not yet ready to say she's going to run for leader of the democrats, however, does she have the votes? >> i think we're going to be finding that out in the next couple days. it's been three days since the election and the house democrats aren't sure who their leader is. >> somebody went public. schuller has gone public already. >> john -- >> not a conservative blue dog. fairly liberal member of the caucus. >> and pretty influential in his class. i think that was something of a change. we're hearing from other members and nancy pelosi has a lot of support among that caucus. >> could she be doing this
9:51 am
because she wants someone other than steny hoyer to replace him? >> steny and the speaker hasn't had the best relationship, i think that's a possibility. >> pretty good publics. carl hall from "new york times" i think you're going to have a fun couple months. coming up, the president's joke about a slurpee summit gains traction in and out of washington, particularly from the makers of the slurpees. follow us any time on twitter. this is "the daily rundown." as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus vitamin d to help maintain healthy blood pressure. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's. took some foolish risks as a teenager.
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before we go, a quick dip in the shallow end. the prospect of a slurpee summit at the white house has taken, well, a life of its own. the president joked earlier this
9:55 am
week about inviting republicans over for the ice cold slushy drinks. well, now, 7-eleven is trying to make it happen for real. a spokesman says, "if the president wants a slurpee summit, we're offering to cater it with red and blue slurpees and we'll even offer a purple slurpee since that's what you get when you bring red and blue together." but likely speaker to be john boehner says he would prefer a merlot to a red slurpee. listen. >> the president has extended an invitation to come, meet together. what is the first sentence you're going to say to him? >> hello, nice to see you. look, i have no personal animosity at all towards the president. i get along with him. >> a slurpee summit in the future? >> i don't know about a slurpee, how about a glass of merlot. >> can you imagine all the comments about elitism and all that as the president said a nice merlot.
9:56 am
anyway, that's it for "daily rundown." i have to tease you about one other thing. i just got my first presidential exployatory e-mail. i won't say who it is, but it is only three days after the election. chris jansing and company and among her guests debbie washerman shultz and then at 1:00 p.m., don't miss "andrea mitchell reports." she'll have the latest on today's job's numbers. have a great weekend. we'll see you back here monday and savannah will be, will guess the nation. i think she will still be in india because it is tomorrow oryesterday there, it is never today. bye-bye. i'm meteorologist bill karins with a look at your weekend forecast. finally get rid of the storm on
9:57 am
the east coast and still showers out there from boston to new york and d.c., atlanta, detroit, still cool out there from the tennessee valley up through the ohio valley and the great lakes and still mild on the west coast. enjoy it while it lasts. she felt lost...
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